It goes without saying that people who tend to be planet conscience are also animal lovers. In conjunction with this green living ideology, we are introducing a whole new range of 100% organic and aromatherapy products for your pets.
Why Organic?
Over the counter dog shampoos contain irritants and ingredients which can make your dogs skin very dry. The dog may tend to scratch in this will harm their coat.

If you allow us to use our range of organic shampoos to pamper your pooch, this will reduce the likelihood of allergies and rashes associated with chemicals e.g pyrenthrins a substance found in most dog shampoos.

Using organic dog shampoo with biodegradable materials eliminates the potential harm to the environment, human beings and animals. To ensure your dog's coat is not stripped of it's natural oils, our organic shampoo is sulphate free, pH balanced and is free of artificial fragrances and colours.

We care for your pet and believe that it is essential to protect your treasured pet's coat and make his skin healthy. This fact alone will make the trip to us more worthwhile!